Characteristics control


A) Ohmic resistance tolerance applied > -/+ 5% on value of nominal resistance 20° C
Sec. IEC 317-13(1) -/+ 3/5 % accordabile.

B) Dielectric strenght with voltage applied about CEI 34 : 2 x Volt ( <1500 ) *120% for 1 second.
Corrent applied:
- 2 mmA x < 0.3 Kw
- 4-8 mmA x < 0.3 Kw
Regulation applied CEI 34 -2-3 pag. 25 point 1.2

C) Inductance is applied with a value of delta from 2 to 10%

D) Surge test usually is applied 1.800 Volt for 2 seconds, but in case there should be any particular requirements we can make a different agreements.

E) Control sense of rotation. May be applied also on three-phase windings (exit 3 cables).

F) Visual control of cables, headers, insulating of closure, dimensional of lenght of cables and terminals.


avvolgimenti linea

We produce windings for a vast range of electric motor applications:Pressure washers, engines for burners, compressors, elevators, Slicers,motors for machines used in the building industry (Mixers, cutters, wood working, etc..)...


inserimento rotori

In addition to the windings, we can provide the supply of worked Trees with inserted rotor and rolled screw without end, either hot or cold insertion of stators in boxes, boxes and shields processing with holes...

Businnes philosopy


Dynamism and timing are now the market demands. The synergy between technology and people creates the essential layout to ensure our customer efficiency of execution and a constant quality.


Frontiere 4.0 in ambito lean

Innovazione del processo in ottica di prodotto in T.M.A. S.p.A. DGR 1644 - Frontiere 4.0 in ambito lean: innovazione del processo in ottica di prodotto in T.M.A. S.p.A. Il Piano Formativo intende...

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