vernice impregnanteVery important is the insulating inside the winding with an apposite varnish with a high dielectric power. We have chose a varnish that defend our product from dampness and mould, and form a 'single body' with the stator producing a positive result at the moment of change of temperature reducing the delta-t of the electric rotating mahines.

A) Varnish type VE 111A
B) Tradebark Syntel
C) Manufacturer Syntel Vernici s.p.a
D) Homologation UL 220° ( file OBR02/E51047)
E) Insulation class H
F) Dielectric T.  
F1) dry 4000 volt/mm 0.025
F2) After 24h in H20 2900 volt/mm 0.025
G) System
For lifting


avvolgimenti linea

We produce windings for a vast range of electric motor applications:Pressure washers, engines for burners, compressors, elevators, Slicers,motors for machines used in the building industry (Mixers, cutters, wood working, etc..)...


inserimento rotori

In addition to the windings, we can provide the supply of worked Trees with inserted rotor and rolled screw without end, either hot or cold insertion of stators in boxes, boxes and shields processing with holes...

Businnes philosopy


Dynamism and timing are now the market demands. The synergy between technology and people creates the essential layout to ensure our customer efficiency of execution and a constant quality.


Frontiere 4.0 in ambito lean

Innovazione del processo in ottica di prodotto in T.M.A. S.p.A. DGR 1644 - Frontiere 4.0 in ambito lean: innovazione del processo in ottica di prodotto in T.M.A. S.p.A. Il Piano Formativo intende...

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